Single Serve Cups | 10% Kona Blend 12-pack

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Now you can get a kick one cup at a time!

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii single-serve cups are ideal for your single-serve brewer.

12 single-serve cups per box.

Kona, the king of Hawaiian coffees, blended with premium international beans to create a bold, smooth coffee with a mellow finish and medium body, with notes of citrus, chocolate, and honey.




Citrus, honey, chocolate

Bold, Smooth, Medium Body

Kona, Hawai'i

Kona coffee holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many coffee drinkers. It comes from a tiny strip of paradise, about 20 miles long and 2 miles wide. There, one can taste coffee from hundreds of coffee farms (we estimate 700-800 in the region) across a significant change in elevations and climatic conditions. On such a tiny area of land and across so many farms, there is a wide range of extraordinary flavor profiles to be found.