Chemex Starter Bundle | Chemex, Filters, Wooden Scoop and 100% Kona

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This Chemex Starter Bundle is perfect for those looking to make great pour-over coffee for the whole group. Including our 6-cup Chemex carafe, 100-pack of filters, our wooden spoon & clip, and a bag of 100% Kona American Roast. The Chemex is perfect for daily use with its timeless and elegant design and a wood color. Our Chemex is made with non-porous Borosilicate glass and can withstand high temperatures and resists staining.

This bundle includes:

  • Chemex 6-Cup Brewer
  • Chemex 6-Cup Filters | 100-pack
  • 100% Kona American Roast
  • Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii Wooden Spoon & Clip

The pourover method pairs perfectly with light roasts, like our 100% Kona American Roast, bringing out the subtle flavor notes and producing a clean cup of coffee.