Beach Series Pottery Mug | 12-oz Latte

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Our custom-handmade latte mug fits 12 ounces and is easy to hold with a simple and classic design. Our latte mug is part of our Beach Series and is available in three varieties of glaze color.

12-oz Capacity
Microwave Safe
• Dishwasher Safe
• Proudly handmade here in the United States by Belltower Coffeehouse and Studio

Message from Bellower Coffeehouse and Studio

We are a handmade production studio in Memphis, TN, making custom ceramics for organizations across the country to retail, gift, and fundraise with. Every step of the creation process is done by hand with thousands of hours of experience to make every piece high quality and unique. We want everyone to experience the special connection to handmade pottery that highlights their favorite brands!

Handmade, Hand-Glazed

Each mug is individually hand-thrown and glazed by skilled craftspeople, so there will be slight, natural variations with each mug and no two are exactly alike.

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