A very small experimental batch. An exceptionally personal experience.

Bourbon-forward with a heady nose of dark fruit and oak, into a complex blend of citrus and vanilla, with earthy layers of chocolate and coconut.

Grown on the beautiful volcanic slopes of Maui, we chose Red Catuai for its burgundy notes and subtle exotic spice. The green coffee was then aged in American white oak bourbon barrels and rolled daily for several weeks to absorb and develop complex flavors. Roasted to a Full City Roast for a perfect balance between the bean and the roast characteristics.

This batch will not be for sale. Instead we are giving away bags to our extended 'ohana: our customers and fans.

To participate, enter your Email using the entry form above. You can also like or comment on our Bourbon Maui Red Catuai Small Batch Giveaway Facebook or Instagram posts. We accept 3 entries total per person: one for each Email, Facebook, and Instagram.

On Friday, August 6th, we'll randomly select a dozen individuals across our email, Facebook, and Instagram to receive a 12oz bag.